Winners 1. German Hydrogen Challenge

Winners 1. German Hydrogen Challenge

Hydrogen Drives our Future

Team Weiter mit Wasserstoff is the overall winner of the First 24 hour German Hydrogen Challenge 2019. They are also winner of the category Creative Challenge. Team HYghlanders collected the most points in the category Classic Challenge. Five teams participated and started at 17:00 on september 9th from the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Exact 24 hours later they arrived at the finish at the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart.

About - Hydrogen drives our future

It's has been big fun to participate in the 24 hour Hydrogen Challenge. And yes: it's a real challenge, being 24 hours in a car with your team. But has been proven once again that participating is one of the best team building events possible. But the main purpose of this Challenge is to show that driving on hydrogen is a good solution for everyday mobility.

The teams could earn points in the Classic Category and the Creative Category:

Classic is for driven kilometers, visited (and also used) refueling stations and landmarks and.... catching the FOX-team. By creating stunning pictures, writing blogs and making funny video's the teams could collect points for the Creative Category. In the Creative Category we have awarded points for the best Photo, the best Video and the Best Blog:

Best Photo - Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers

dedicated fuel cell drivers

One of the tasks was to make a picture of a public official in uniform inside the fuel cell car. As this customs officer wished to help but to stay anonymous, the Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers have blurred her face in a funny way. The Judge (f-cell and Waterstof Challenge) awarded 1.500 points for this, because it shows, how clean hydrogen is!

Best Blog - Weiter mit Wasserstoff

The task was to write a short story about the experiences during the Challenge and to publish it on a website. The judge awarded Team Weiter mit Wasserstoff with 750 points for this personal story. You can read it CLICK HERE.

Best Video - Weiter mit Wasserstoff

For the best video was the task to make a video during the challenge and publish it to social media. There were many good video's published, but the Judge could only award one of them. They awarded this video from Weiter mit Wasserstoff with 1.500 points.

Weiter mit Wasserstoff had a complete social media department ready for this Challenge and that paid out! Maybe that brings other teams on ideas for the 2nd 24 hour German Hydrogen Challenge, that will be held at 28/29 september 2020 with f-cell in Stuttgart. f-cell will be held on 29 and 30 september in the Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart. 

Classic Challenge



HYghlanders 6622
H2.Live 5346
Weiter mit Wasserstoff 4429
Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers 4196
FOX - Mission Drive 4066

Creative Challenge



Weiter mit Wasserstoff 4250
Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers 2975
HYghlanders 1575
 Fox - Mission Drive  




Weiter mit Wasserstoff 8679
HYghlanders 8197
Dedicated Fuel Cell Drivers 7121
H2.Live 5346
Fox - Mission Drive 4066

 All driven routes, overview of points and the pictures the participants made, can be found on