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Impact Coatings

Impact Coatings

The Impact Coatings H2 Challenge team, driving a Hyundai NEXO, consists of VP Sales Will Wright and Alx Danielsson, ex-F1 test driver and motorsports commentator on Eurosport. The team will make the most of the 24-hour tour by visiting hydrogen and fuel cell industry players in the Southern Germany–Switzerland–Austria region.

The Impact Coatings FCEV drives for the World Childhood Foundation ( Contributions are donated in full from team sponsors: Hyundai Motor Company, Nel, Nilsson Energy, Cell Impact, Gränges, Vattenfall, and Vätgas Sverige.

Sweden-based Impact Coatings has supported the fuel cell industry with cost-efficient coating solutions for more than a decade. The patented Ceramic MAXPHASE™ coating for LT-PEM metal bipolar plates provides superior power output and durability for the fuel cell stack.

In addition, Impact Coatings supports customers with production solutions all the way from pilot or pre-series production to full scale volume manufacturing. This includes a full in-house coating service operation for metal bipolar plates, as well as the class-leading INLINECOATER™FC coating equipment optimized for fuel cell plates and prepared for integration in automated manufacturing lines.


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