Avenergy Suisse in brief

Avenergy Suisse represents the interests of importers of liquid fuels and combustibles. The 27 members of Avenergy Suisse ensure the security of supply of these most important energy sources of the country. Among other things, they handle around 95% of Switzerland's imports of crude oil and petroleum products.

The task of Avenergy Suisse is on the one hand to be a hub for information on liquid energy sources for the general public as well as for the industry itself. For all questions concerning the transport, the processing and the use of these products, Avenergy Suisse is the first contact point in Switzerland. On the other hand, Avenergy Suisse represents the concerns of its members in all industry-relevant questions to the outside world.

Avenergy Suisse is committed to the preservation and creation of free competition between the energy sources, the handling of legislative and enforcement issues in the energy, environmental and fiscal area, the qualitative standardization of liquid energy sources as well as the provision of information about the oil products. In addition, we support and promote innovative CO2-neutral energy sources such as biogenic fuels, synthetic fuels and hydrogen.

Avenergy Suisse stands for a democratically founded, liberal and private law based economic order and does not interfere in any way with the competition within the industry. Avenergy Suisse is politically neutral, does not engage in any commercial transactions and does not aim at making a profit.